About Us

If, the idea of not able to decide what you want to read next turns your stomach, E-articulate is your place.

Few years ago E-articulate was founded by Shubham , who wants to explore the world of literature as far he could, while doing so we were looking for the ways of giving a platform for new and budding writers, in style and in search of knowledge and wisdom the Idea of E-articulate born. With years of experience, many reviews, online Magazine service, operational quality of staff, handling book events and more than 50 things to choose from, we at E-articulate provide you the best and let you search for books to explore by Authors name, genre as well as the review score. We are here to expand our love and passion for books to the commoners, the ones who think that reading lots of books is only meant for nerds.


We have seen tremendous growth in every aspect of our business, be its customer interactions, social media impressions, interviews, book reviews etc. E-articulate helps you learn more about your favorite author, new books and gives you a chance to know the different aspects of publishing industry.

*We generate content keeping in mind about your style and taste. E-articulate is a platform for all of you, where time and money is always a constraint.

*We will help you pick a great package for the marketing of your book based on your name, demand, life style and many more.

How do we work :

E-articulate in last half decade have done lots of reviews, author interviews and generate content for thousands of people and quickly earned the reputation for excellence and setting the performance standard for customer satisfaction by providing innovative literary services for today’s expanding publishing market.

Whatever you want to know, Whenever you want to read, E-articulate will provide you the best of literary experiences that are yours alone, shaped by your needs, tastes and dreams.

Give E-articulate the opportunity to serve you!

-Anshuma Sharma