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First time in my life, I’d realize that a cliche is not just a metaphorical line; it does have sense… A lot of sense within it. And the credit? Well, it goes to the stupendously well written book ‘EMOTIONS UNPLUGGED’ by Vishal Anand.

If a cliche has ever been proven right… it has to be “A BOOK CANNOT BE JUDGED BY IT’S COVER” just can’t measure the worth of an eloquence.

However, the cover of the Vishal Anand’s Book hit tends to give me Goosebumps and makes me judgmental. Yes! It makes my brain go “TIK TIK! A COVER LIKE THAT BETS GOT SOME STUFF WITHING!” That’s when you start of within the tales inside. You enter the world you are already a part of!

The collection of 15 prompts can surely be related and contains a lesson within. The language is simple yet effective. Fills the stomachs of it’s readers with a 7-course meal of quotations served by different authors disguised as chefs. A hearty humorous meal!

But it’s not just a treat… It’s more. Each story gives out a meaning; a hope for betterment. Here’s my take on few of the stories:

A DAY BEFORE MY DIVORCE- Relations aren’t so much difficult to understand as much we complicated it.

GRANNY’S LAST GIFT OF LOVE – Nothing could be precious than the gift of love. It always enlightens our soul.

MY FIRST LOVE – Everything THAT happens, happens for a reason.

THEFT – No person is a wrong. It’s the situations that force them to be so.

ONE WILD NIGHT- Tit for Tat The improbable truth- Your deeds NEVER leave you alone.

A COUNTRY WITH 27 COUNTRIES- shouldn’t it be possible to unite instead of dividing a country in name of cast, creed and culture?

KARMA RETURN- Whatever we do, good or bad, comes back to us one day.

FLOWERS OF HOPE – Because sometimes we can learn some things from our younger’s deeds.

THE GROOM- Girls are not different in any way, give them a chance, and they will make you proud.


LET’S TURN OLDIES – Needle works better than sword.

A beautifully compiled book which surely makes us ponder.


  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Moments Publication
  • Language: English
  • RATING : 4/5

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