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This is the first book of Raksha duology, When I got this book, While looking at the book, I feel this book as ordinary as others are, but When I came to know about the books, the mythological characters, and mystery involved in it. My mind changed, the books seems interesting to me. Then I understand the fact “Never judge a book by its cover.” But if I have to talk about the complete book as a package, somewhere the cover lags behind the story, As for me the cover attracts much to the people. The color and images could be more descriptive or mysterious in term of mythological story.

Now talking about the story, The Disguised Prince is a story of a Prince, who with his heroic deeds is eager to prove himself after a defeat. He visited a place, where he finds a master who helped him enhancing his abilities, to defend any situation accordingly. The book is full of the mysterious situation, magic, and intrigue, which he never thought of. The vocabulary could be more effective.

Shankar put down a lot of efforts in creating a scenario of magic and mystery. He described the characters so well, that every character seems to be interesting, In every plot, you can find some interesting characters, there was a set of new ideas and concepts which evolved out of this novel. Although starting of the novel is not much effective in framing the scenarios. But once you start with the novel and familiar with the characters, you can not put the novel aside.
There are a variety of emotions entangled in this book that we face in our life, mystery, love, emotions, anger, jealousy, fear, revenge. But magic is a plus point here. The writer just needs to focus on writing style and vocabulary. So that it can add more interest.

hope writer covers the things that are lagging behind in this novel. I am sure, those people who completed this novel, are already waiting for the second part, so as I, Hope to see the second part of duology soon.

(Raksha Duology, #1)


  • Paperback: 356 pages
  • Publisher: Dream House Publications; 1ST edition (2015)
  • Language: English
  • Rating : 3/4

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